Pinehurst Estates HOA

Pinehurst Estates Development History

The property known today as Pinehurst Estates was crossed for several years, on New Year’s Day, by horse riders participating in what was called, the Paper Chase, sponsored by the Portland Hunt Club. The race would begin at the Gearhart Stables and end at the north side of Pinehurst, which was then known as Red Ranch. In the early morning hours of January first, paper trails were created throughout the area. There were even false trails created with dead ends, after close to a mile, in an attempt to confuse riders. The shredded paper was supplied by the Oregonian newspaper of Portland. It is believed this tradition ended around the early 1970’s, as the first Del Rey Beach Road was established in 1972.

In 1975, Del Monte Properties took an interest in acquiring all the land north of the Gearhart Golf Course to the Surf Pines Homeowners Association development. Their initial intent was to build a major resort, including golf in the dunes with no homes on the lower levels. Those plans fell through.

Del Rey Beach Road created access for the developments of Beachwood Estates in 1977, The Highlands in 1986, and Shamrock Pines in 1995. 

In 1994, Rich Schroeder along with developer Richard Carlton, began the development of Pinehurst Estates. That plan was completed and lots were available for sale in July 1999. The community gatehouse and the first owner home were built in 2001. All Lots were sold by 2005 so on January 21, 2006, the developers transferred ownership to the Pinehurst Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.

The developers built a viewing platform located between Lots 14 & 15 which allowed for potential lot owners to see a likely view from a two story home. After all lots were sold, the viewing platform was donated to the Oregon Parks District and relocated at the Sunset Beach Fort to Sea Trail. 
More to Know About Pinehurst Estates

Pinehurst Estates facilities are available for the enjoyment of property owners and their invited guests.  

What do the Gatekeepers do for Owners?
  • The gatekeepers perform a list of duties for the community.  Their performance of those duties is managed by a member of the Board of Directors. The gatekeepers are also available to provide service to owners directly. An agreement between owners and the gatekeepers for those services, is made with the gatekeepers, at the time of service.

Who maintains the Pinehurst Estates common area property?
  • The Board of Directors only contracts with independent service providers for all common area maintenance. Association contractors are required to submit licensing, certification, and insurance to cover all the services provided. That information is kept with the Association as a matter of record.

What about Mail Service?
  • The US Postal Service delivers mail to the bank of mailboxes at the gatehouse. 
  • Keys are provided for mailboxes as requested by owners.
  •  Packages are delivered in parcel boxes below the mailboxes. A parcel box key is left in your mailbox for retrieval of a package.
  • Arrangements must be made with the Post Office for larger package deliveries or packages may be picked up at the Post Office in Seaside.

What about the Sport Courts?
  • Sport courts are open at all times.
  • No black soled shoes should be worn on the courts.
  • No skateboards, rollerblades or bicycles are permitted on the courts.

What do we need to know about using the Pool & Spa?
  • The Pool and Spa are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • The community will be noticed of actual opening and closing dates depending on weather.
  • Please make yourself familiar with pool hours and all rules posted in the pool area.
  • The pool area and chemicals are monitored four times daily while open for use as required by state law.

What wildlife can be found in and around Pinehurst Estates?
  • Pinehurst owners live with a variety of wildlife. All State laws regarding wildlife are followed. 
  • No hunting is permitted on Pinehurst property. Wildlife is protected in some adjacent areas due to State Park land rules.
  • Elk, deer, coyote, racoon, squirrel, possum, and other small animals are present regularly.
  • Eagle, hawks, falcons, ducks, geese, and ocean birds can be seen and heard often.